MotoSox guarantees to be free from any manufacturing defects
that would render the part unusable. MotoSox also guarantees
that it WILL NOT rip, tear, stretch out or sun-fade. The lifetime
guarantee does NOT cover: The material of the artwork, logo or
imprinted insignia. Damage caused by crashing, collision, theft,
fire, explosion or any external factor that MotoSox has no control
over. How to claim the lifetime guarantee: the original purchase
receipt and the defective MotoSox MUST be returned to our claims
department. Upon receipt of the defective MotoSox we will
inspect it and providing the inspection shows that it has been used
responsibly we will replace the defective MotoSox.

The guarantee is specifically related to the original purchaser and
does not change ownership with the bike or to any other person.
The replacement will be shipped to you within 14 days of the
receipt of your defective MotoSox and purchase receipt providing
that the part is in stock at the time. If your particular MotoSox is
not in stock, we may require additional time to ship the free
replacement. We charge postage and packaging for the replacement
of MotoSox at a flat rate of $3.98 U.S.A. You will be
required to pay this before we dispatch the replacement MotoSox.
The Lifetime Guarantee applies ONLY to the U.S.A. customers.